What do I do:

As your Companion, my aim is to create an environment in which you feel safe discussing your feelings. I want you to feel that I am listening to you and hearing what you say because there must be a trusting relationship with your therapist before things can change.  If you ever feel uncomfortable, discuss this in your next session or choose a different professional because it is only with trust and honesty that changes can be made.

My aim is to help you overcome any concerns by talking simply together. I might choose from a range of therapies to help you understand and explore how you feel and then teach you the skills that will help you manage your emotions more effectively. 

I am:
  • Highly skilled in applying integrative therapies

  • Able to help you to understand and cope with difficult issues and develop solutions to make changes in your lives

  • Suggesting that I work with you for a short time to address a specific problem but can offer on-going therapies.

  • Fully qualified, having trained for 5 years

  • Offering 'talking' therapies and self help remedies

  • Not, at this stage, covered by Medicare although this is presently being addressed. My costs reflect this by being within Government approved charges.

Happiness depends upon ourselves

- Aristotle (384-322BC)